Commitment to Eco-Friendly Design and Energy Efficiency

Steadfast Homes HIA GreenSmart Professional accreditation and commitment to environmentally responsible design, construction and building practices gives you a more sustainable home.

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What is a GreenSmart home?

A GreenSmart home is a sustainable house built with eco-friendly ideas, construction methods, and materials.

To make a home environmentally friendly, key principles are followed, like positioning the house correctly for sunlight, using natural ventilation, adding insulation, incorporating thermal mass, and choosing eco-conscious flooring.

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Benefits of Living in a GreenSmart House

Embracing the HIA GreenSmart approach offers numerous advantages.

  • Lower construction costs achieved through reduced waste and efficient material use..
  • Reduced ongoing home running costs for occupants.
  • Enhanced personal comfort within home.
  • Improved indoor air quality for a healthier living environment.
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Environmental benefits

  • Decreased greenhouse emissions.
  • Lower water consumption.
  • Minimised construction waste, leading to reduced landfill.
  • Avoidance of non-renewable materials.
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